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Why Choose Us

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Infrastructure And The Facility Owned By Mothercell

The complete infrastructure, land, and the laboratory are owned by Mothercell and hence the parents as well as the doctors fraternity can rest assured for Lifetime Banking.

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Mothercell Is A QBD (Quality By Design) Facility

The entire laboratory is constructed for Dental Stem Cell Banking and hence the design has been made to suit the state of the art world-class laboratory and on par with the international standards. Fireproof construction, Bunkers for LN2 supply, Large elevators for LN2 tank movement, Wide corridors, Corner free construction in the lab are few salient features to mention among the many.

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Most Advanced Equipment Imported From Across The World

Mothercell has imported the most advanced & latest equipment from the leading brands across the world. A lot of equipment was imported from companies like Eppendorf – Germany, Thermo Scientific – USA, Taylor Wharton – USA, Planer Plc – UK, Olympus – Japan, etc... making Mothercell the most advanced Dental Stem Cell Bank in the world.

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Highest Standards Of Safety

Mothercell has been strategically constructed in a location where it is completely pollution-free for a lifetime as it is amidst forest academy lands. The location is a non-seismic zone and hence no possibility of major earthquakes. Mothercell is a fire-resistant building with the latest standards of fire safety. Fire-resistant laboratory partitions, FRLS power lines, CO2 flooding chambers to ensure it’s a fire-resistant building.

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World’s biggest dental stem cell bank

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Experienced Team

Highly qualified, passionate and the most experienced team is our wealth. We are committed to delivering unmatched quality service with the utmost transparency and dedication.

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Quality Assured & Quality Warranty

The most precious and valuable gift that a parent can present to their children is their future health in the form of stem cells. It could turn out to be the boon in addressing future life-threatening conditions. Mothercell understands the value and importance of these stem cells. Mothercell's quality assurance and warranty ensure the supply of Mesenchymal Stem Cells with required viability and usable condition.

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State Of The Art Laboratory

Mothercell is the World’s Biggest Dental Stemcell Bank with 33,000 Sq.ft 4 storied building dedicated to only dental stem cell banking. It is constructed with all the international standards & amenities to provide the best services to the customers.

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The Global Leader & The Pioneer In Dental Stem Cell Banking

Mothercell processes the sample with its patented proprietary technology which ensures maximum multiplication of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in less number of passages. Mothercell's technical team, the best in the domain and is the most experienced in the dental stem cell banking segment. Mothercell owns 33,000 square foot large, state of the art, international standards laboratory with the most advanced equipment making it a global leader.

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