About Us

About Mothercell

Mothercell Biosciences is the World’s Biggest Dental Stem Cell Bank, equipped with the most advanced cutting edge technologies embedded in every aspect of the laboratory. Mothercell Biosciences has been established by the most experienced, highly qualified and passionate TEAM in its own property in Hyderabad. Mothercell’s Dental Stem Cell Banking laboratory meets the international standards and the best global practices without any compromises.


Our vision is to help every family of India to take advantage of stem cells for securing the health of the entire family thereby building a healthy society and eventually a healthy future generation.


Mothercell’s mission is to create a balanced ecosystem of stem cell banking services through scientifically dictated processes and procedures to provide the best experience for our customers and doctor's fraternity.


Mothercell is built on the strong values of Quality, Honesty, and Transparency which will never be compromised.

World's Biggest Dental Stem Cell Bank

33,000 square foot large area, 4 storied dedicated dental stem cell bank for all the present and future needs with unmatched global standards makes Mothercell the world’s biggest Dental Stemcell bank.
Mothercell’s dental stem cell bank is a QBD structure. It means the dental stem cell bank was designed and constructed for dental stem cell banking (Quality By Design – QBD) and hence the lab was constructed with international standards and global practices.
Most sophisticated and advanced high-end machinery and equipment imported from the world’s leading brands like Eppendorf – Germany, Taylor Wharton – USA, Planer Plc – UK, Thermo Scientific – USA, Olympus – Japan, etc.
Extra precautions have been taken to render Mothercell building completely fire-resistant with 4 stages of fire controls in place. Smoke detectors, sprinklers to release water and gases which prevent the spread of fire, fire-resistant laboratory partitions (Rockwool filling), automated CO 2 flooding chambers which ensure the total fire safety to the laboratory. Besides fire-resistant FRLS wiring prevents any short circuits or other electrical mishaps in the laboratory.
The most qualified and highly experienced technical team is the backbone of Mothercell’s superiority.
Customer satisfaction driven Sales Team is the core strength of Mothercell and quality service with zero defects is our prime strength.
The Dental Stem cell bank is constructed in a non-seismic zone and hence no possibility of major earthquakes.
Dental stem cell bank was constructed beside the forest academy – green belt and forest lands and hence lifetime pollution free area.
Bunkers for Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) supply to LN2 tanks.
Dedicated large elevator (9’ * 9’) for the LN2 tank movement.
Mothercell tied up with 21 major medical institutions like Apollo Hospitals, Rainbow Children Hospitals, Cloud9 Hospitals, Surya Children Hospitals, Axiss Dental, Lotus Children Hospitals, Columbia Asia, Max hospitals, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Manipal Hospitals, Rajan Dental, Parasu Dental, etc… to bring stem cell banking services closer to everyone across the country.
5297+ Mothercell approved Dentist/Dental clinics are associated with us pan India for providing Tooth collection services is one of the prime strengths of Mothercell.
24*7 automated power backup facility.
Mothercell takes pride in partnering with providing world-class logistics services for sample transport by partnering with global logistics leaders DHL – Blue dart for both national & international sample transport to and from the laboratory.